Jun Kaneko (Japanese, born in Nagoya, Japan 1942 — )

In making any object, we cannot escape the problems of scale. I believe each form has one right scale. Whether I’m making a large or small object, in the end I hope it will make sense to have a particular scale and form that together will give off enough visual energy to shake the air around it.

At an early age, Jun Kaneko came from Japan to the United States to continue his painting studies at Chouinard Institute of Art. His focus was drawn to ceramics as sculpture through his introduction to Fred Marer, and his extensive collection of artworks by contemporary California artists.

Kaneko is a prolific artist, who learns by process and through the dialog between maker and object, a distance he is constantly challenging, achieving an intimacy with his medium where his bold hand can seem invisible. Known for his commitment, energy and focus, Kaneko works fluently in diverse media and fields in the arts.   

Kaneko’s work is a mixture of old traditions and modern aesthetics that is visually daring. He is celebrated worldwide for his imaginatively ornamented ceramic monolithic dangos which reveal his perceptive eye for theatrical and dramatic effect.

As a whole, Kaneko's work stems from a genuinely deceptive non-objective abstract school of thought.  The feeling and emotion of the day is severed from psychological attachment to any type of representational symbols or objects, yet it is expressed within the final image. The art to the viewer then becomes whatever the viewer wishes or sees within the art.